Is there an additional charge for payments by credit card or Paypal ?

With credit card 0% charge and for Paypal 1.5% charge

Are your prices per car or per person ?

Per car

What type of vehicle do you propose and what are the differences ?

We have 7 different vehicle types.

Eco : Standard car 1-3 people. Type: Skoda Superb or similar

Business : Sedan car 1-3 people. Type: Mercedes E, Bmw 5, Audi A6 or similar are included in the price water bottle, treat, Wi-Fi, Airco

Luxury : Luxury Car 1-3 people. Type: Mercedes S, Audi A8, Bmw 7 or similar are included in the price water bottle, treat, Wi-Fi, Airco

Eco Minivan : Minivan 4-8 people. Type: Opel Vivaro, Ford Custom or similar

Minivan Luxury : Minivan 4-7 people. Type: Mercedes Class V are included in the price water bottle, treat and Wi-Fi

Minibus : Minibus 9-16 people. Type: Mercedes Sprinter or similar

Coach : Large bus for 19 to 87 people

Is there anyone else traveling with us ?


How do I know my booking has been accepted ?

You will receive a confirmation email within on hour

My payment confirmation and / or booking confirmation did not arrive by email. What should I do ?

In rare cases, it is possible that your mail server or software may confuse our emails for spam and not deliver them. If you feel that you should have received a communication from us but have not, please email or call our Customer Service Center. Remember that you can always log in to the “Your Account” page (using your email address and password) to view, share and print your booking voucher.

What payment methods are available ?

We offer American Express, MasterCard and Visa and PayPal credit cards. If you want to use another method, please contact our service center. All card payments are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption. If you are having trouble paying with your card, please contact our Customer Service Center.

How to receive an invoice ?

You will automatically receive an invoice after your reservation by email. If you want an invoice with more accurate contact details, then you need to create an account to fill in your details.

What if I need wheelchair space ?

If you need wheelchair space, you can indicate that in the “comment”. Folding wheelchairs are considered 1 piece of luggage. It is best to book a minibus in case you need wheelchair space.

Are there children's seats ?

Yes, they are free. We do not have a seat for children under one year old.

What type of suitcase can I have ?

Our prices include a bag or suitcase per passenger seat (based on a combined maximum size of 158cm, length + width + height). All luggage must be declared when the reservation is made. Small items that correspond to the passenger’s feet (for example a purse or a small shoulder bag) should not be declared. The passenger is responsible for any expenses incurred should additional vehicles be required for the carriage of excess undeclared baggage. additional luggage, as well as bulky items may be charged.

What if I cannot locate my driver ?

The meeting point will be indicated on the order form.

If you do not have this point, contact the driver.

You also receive information about the driver and his phone number.

In case of emergency, it is necessary to contact the numbers indicated on the order form.

What if I wish to cancel and want a refund ?

You are entitled to a refund if you cancel 24 hours before the pick-up time. 

Will I be charged extra if my flight is delayed ?

No, but the maximum time is allowed at 3 o’clock. If we do not find anyone to replace the original driver, we cancel the reservation. 

What if I miss my flight or my flight has been canceled?

The race will be canceled without compensation

How early do I need to book ?

You can book up to 2 hours in advance.

However, we recommend that you book as soon as possible to ensure that drivers are available.

What happens if I lose my luggage ?

When you discover that your luggage is lost, please inform us as soon as possible by calling the driver or our phone number displayed in the confirmation e-mail.

We inform you that the first hour of waiting is free from the landing of your plane.

After 1 hour waiting, the driver can leave and no refund will be made.

To make sure your driver stays 30 minutes longer, take the EXTRA TIME option and the driver will stay 30 minutes extra.

How long will the driver wait for me ?

If you have booked a transfer from the airport, the driver can arrive within 15 minutes after landing and will wait up to 60 minutes.

In case of transfer from a train station, the maximum waiting time is 15 minutes after the arrival of the train.

If you do not contact the driver or answer his call during this limited period, the driver can leave without delay and the transfer will be considered as done and your credit card will be charged or an invoice will be sent to you. transfer fee.

Take the EXTRA TIME option to make sure the driver stays 30 minutes extra.

What should I do if the car I booked does not show up at the pickup address ?

If the vehicle or driver you have booked is not at the location indicated on the voucher, please contact the transfer partner first. The number of the transfer partner can be found on the voucher. In the unlikely event that the transfer partner does not answer your call, you can call our emergency number. The phone number is printed on your voucher. Please be patient and allow the driver at least 20 minutes to arrive. Before leaving the point of care, you must inform us. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. We will contact with your driver. If this is not possible, we will try to find alternative transportation for you. If this is not possible, we will refund your money in the next few days. Please, if you have a problem, please call us so that we can find a solution. If you call us later or send us an email, we will no longer be able to help you. Complaints must always be reported within 14 days, otherwise it can not be processed.

Are animals allowed ?

Domestic animals can only be transported in a transport cage providing safety and comfort, with the necessary documents (eg: pet passport).

The transport of animals not holding on the knees is not free. (The price is usually 1 extra passenger)

Please inform us when you make the reservation. Assistance and blind dogs are transported free of charge.